I am planning to buy a new video game gadget. I like to have a new consoles that offers new generation of a high stunning graphics that unlock my gaming experiences like never before. Which do you think is better? The Xbox One or the Playstation 4? This gadget has consoles that do incredible things. Evolution of this gadget are very quick.
Both this two has a design and build that compared. Their round smooth curves are now out, and they put in a blocky shapes and sharp lines. Harder edges with a cleaner look are flaunting for both Xbox One and Playstation 4.

For their controller, the Xbox One's controller has a quite few improvements.  It is also very similar to the Xbox 360. Trigger-rumble is added in the controller which makes it lot cooler than it sounds. Each of the triggers has vibration feedback that opens up the possibility for the deeper in-game immersion. It also has a battery indicator on the home screen. Meanwhile, the Playstation 4 has a dual shock 4 controller. It features light bar use to identify players. It also has a re-branded and touchpad select and start button now. It is also heftier because of its better analogue sticks and more comfortable shape. A built-in speaker and sports a headphone jack is also included un-dual shock 4 controller enhancing a rumble technology.

Xbox One has unique features. Controlling and recording TV allows you because of an HDMI. It also can run a second application like skype along with game sessions by the help of its 'Snap' button. Some people say that it is like a living room computer because Playstation 4 now has a AMD based architecture.
For the performance on both consoles, for Xbox One before it can be played, it requires a partial installation of the game. These installs are lenghtier than on Playstation 4. Playstation 4 needed atleast two minutes to download for a patch to be able to use its online features.
I think Xbox One is better because it has a lot of new unique features, and it shows a new improved graphics and resolutions that make its gamer blows their fun and excitements on every game their played. It is likewise have additional capabilities that Playstation 4 doesn't have. And it has lot a new games and a little bit cheaper than Playstation 4. Picking my new console results to xbox one.